Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tony tells others what they can talk about!

What was Michaela up to?

Sent: Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:57 pm
by Tony Bennett
Good OP,

santacoloma, for some time now I have been wondering if there was some kind of 'special event' organised for either 1 or 2 May in Praia da Luz. To which Murat was invited.

I would also like to ask you whether you see any significance
in Apt. 5C being unoccupied during the week 28 April to 5 May? I noted that the two blone men in shorts were seen acting suspiciously there (on 2 or 3 May?) and also on 3 May the neighbour up above saw another blonde man suspiciously looking around him as he quietly closed the gate to the apartment (in the late afternoon) - which appears also to be 5C.

I would prefer to keep discussion of these two strands of thought off the forum but you can discuss with Geko if you wish

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  1. how kind of him to tell others what they can or can't post.

    I think it's a product of his filthy mind what he is hinting at there though. Old pervert.