Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'she's chummy with some mods and bjr'

Hi again P20.
Have a nice morning! (Are you in Oz land too?I'm in the Uk, a Uk Frog) Bjr has PM'd me about my post to ShesaidWhat on Estelle's. There's a meeting tonight now about our thread,mods admin meeting.

Estelle 'told' me she gets away with HER accusations cause she's chummy with some mods and bjr! And it's true, the STUFF SHE writes, ours was nothing compared to it! 'Policiticans could have sexually abused M**** with G****'s permission for or favours etc! that's the sort of stuff she writes.

Set-up,mmmh...I thought this when I saw today's post of SheSAIDwhat, about respect to the other kids in the ** if we disrespect them...!She was talking like a right PRO.

What you said too,went through my head,it's OK for plenty to SAY it WAS PREMEDITATED MURDER! but ONE hint and BANG!All onto US!

Take care too,they might just ban me,mmmh,maybe a good thing.

Kid wants the PC so, til another time...and you've done your bit too! big thanx. Glad PJ and Paulo REIS got contacted,that's teh main thing for Maddy-justice. This case sucks!

Hope to see you again,xxx

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  1. lol, you wouldn't think it would be so difficult for people to tear themselves away from posting up photos and discussing the physical appearance of children online would you!