Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm not one for talking about people behind their backs in PM but

Hey impartial! I had no idea it was you, good to see you.

Before I begin, I'm not one for talking about people behind their backs in PM but I'm going to have to make an exception here because alarm bells are ringing loud and clear in my head right now.

My PM from beachy matches yours! All those names match. She sent me the PM out of the blue, as I said before, so I think she was on a definite mission. I don't believe it was subconscious now, I am very very suspicious of her motives.

I could never understand her stance on the three senior police officers all apparently committing suicide within a week or so of each other. She kept insisting there was no link between the three and no link to this case or Jersey. I really thought she was being incredibly naive for an ex-police officer. She's said other seemingly naive things (I'll elaborate if you want me to) Now I don't believe they were naive things to say, I believe they were deliberate and said according to an agenda.

She has also pushed Rebelo as being honest and the best etc. I'm now very suspicious of that, especially taking into account the cover-up of Casa Pia.

(redacted, beyond petty)

If it's all made up, she's fooled many of us but not all. I know a couple of others on the board have more or less said she isn't what she appears to be. Now I find myself agreeing with them.

Have you noticed how she's made several posts since the verdict and not mentioned it or given her opinion? Not like the 'beachy' of old, eh?

Regards, Jilly

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