Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poor od kizzy - and Photon thinks she's Secret Squirrel

Photon to laffin:
Never had PM contact with happydog or kizzy (and would never choose to with latter).

b) I have some understanding what you're saying I think. I don't understand why Kizzy informed anyone that she'd resigned from modbox (her decision, no-one disagreed) because she could still post/PM. What I did with you last night was slightly different (and different story);

c) fine - Bren asked me to ask (despite yesterday's request - we can all make mistakes)

d) yes noticed he's back on Madeleine more;

e) think I understand this. I've been as honest as I can - I can't be hypocritical (goes against the grain) (wtf?)

My big concern (which is why I want this on database for a short as possible) is that Kizzy is back in mod-box. Bren know what I think - but has a different opinion (which she's entitled to).

If you don't pick this PM up in 5 mins - I will delete and wait until you're online. OK, I'm a bit sensitive after yesterday - but I'm relying on PM.

Best wishes

Van xx

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