Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fickle little pickle

Dear Bonnybraes (***) (*****)

WTF is going on?

I know G****** is my lawful husband but he truly will tell me bugger all, he says its personal business between mods. He really takes himself awfully seriously.

What happened, who is cyril(s) and why are you speaking of LAD as if you are on speaking terms with it.

What happened to sentinel (a cantankerous albeit true blue campaigner?)
What the blazes is a no-hoper like Arsenalgirl doing as a mod on 3A. Where is Philippe? And Librarising?
Why are we fawning about Anthony Bennet who couldn't organize a raffle (just google).

Bonnibraes I am truly reliant on you for some sense here, please.

Darling bohee

I get back from my hols and it seems that bonniebraes and bjr have got a conspiracy going against just about everyone, spying backstabbing and other words to that effect.

You will be most surprised to find who is in
************************. I've joined up.

D*** (akasmellarat) is in charge, janz, librarising, jilly etc everyone is there.

I can't honestly take the nonsense anymore and the moderating malarkey and cronyism is doing my head in.

Love Marian. ps I truly think bonniebraes is on crack or there must be some explanation.

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