Saturday, June 6, 2009

Duarte Levy and his socks


I have spoken directly with bjr today and she now requires some further explanation as to how you are posting from the very same ip as another poster. Mactelecom - the owner of the ip from which you and one other poster have posted within the last twenty four hours does not appear to be a proxy service as you suggested.

Secondly, you promised to identify yourself within a blog post at 10am - why has this not materialised.

Thirdly, I understand from bjr, that she was supposed to meet you in Brussels with Ismellarat and Janz1956 (a meeting arranged by Jan) but is unable to do so because of family commitments. She has asked me to make it clear that should you still be meeting with these two ex-moderators that they do not in any way represent the 3Arguidos forum, no longer even openly being members on the site.


ps I am also a copy of this pm by email to the following address - a reply from which could be used as confirmation of the validity of your post.

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