Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bugalugs embraces multicultural Britain

Bugalugs to Bren:

Yeah thats me an effing angel.......always have been

You sound a lot like me with your moans and grumbles on the train..thats the sort of thing i do on a daily basis. I use the sainsburys petrol station by me and all the staff are Asian. When you go in they are jib jabbering in Hindu/Urdu or whatever and just stick out ther hand for your money....i'm always as akward as possible, like asking to look at something on the shelf behind them (batteries or whatever). One time i asked for baccy and a receipt and when the woman never gave it to me i asked again in an irrtated voice, she said "i never heard you"; so i said "yeah you was too busy chatting to your mate"; so she said "i was talking about work"; so i said "well i couldn't understand a damn word you were saying so how the hell do i know what you were talking about" & low and behold the olde racist card was produced. I asked for the manager and in my most pleasant tone explained how rude it is for staff to be conversing with each other whilst serving customers, i the told him its even worst when the chat is not in English, and that i found that exceptionally rude.; The staff hate me in there, but it really fcuks me off.


  1. Bugalugs and Bren,
    I hopes Ya don't mind but I reposted ya pm on a site where it will be appreciated.
    Don't worry I gave a link to ya site.
    Them has good good Computer peeps

  2. Buggy

    Lots of mispelling there!

    You had a problem with anger and you were looking for an anger managament course?

    [Huge smilie] Am sure some poster can advise you dear!

  3. Bugalugs

    Still in love with Tone the comb and Laffin arsehole?

  4. Dump truck rings a bell

    Do you have more?