Monday, June 8, 2009


Photon gives information on his detractors and she is not the only one.

Hi Laffin

I've always admired you for speaking your mind - remember? I've told you. You're no nutter in my eyes (and never have been) so where the bl00dy hell did that come from? The brain doc stuff - I can't help, that's me, and what does it matter in this? If I've upset or annoyed you, I'm sorry - never intended that. But I don't know how.

Why are you glad MsM hasn't turned on you yet? Please don't leave me hanging with this one! Did MsM have the IP address I was talking about (re PFA registration) legitimately - did you e-mail her since mid Feb (or whenever)? Only needs yes or no answer. S****** is in the thick of it with *** - she's no innocent, she just doesn't have the same writing skills as ***.

Sorry about the thread Laffin - Bren moved to Mods, not ready for circulation, yet. Emotions have been very high in mod box today. Please don't publish again - it's all my fault for telling you.

Still on your side, Laffin, but worried

Take care


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