Saturday, July 25, 2009


".... I thought that pm where Marian called Maddy "Mandolin" was disgusting. I've always found her crude however I never imagined she'd do a dirty turn to a missing child. She's always been a bitch of the first order and I don't mind saying as much to you now. She works with drug and alcohol dependents. Can you imagine the kind of help that walrus provides? (emoticons redacted.)...."


  1. Hi - thanks for bringing these to us. Could I ask why a decision has been taken to blank out the usernamaes? I really cant think of one good reason why these people should have their anonymity protected. Surely the people who wrote these "hot" pms are the very ones who SHOULD be having their ID revealed?
    Im sure you do have a good reason and I hope you dont think Im being cheeky but I had to ask.

  2. I don't agree Anon. The author was an ordinary poster expressing an opinion. I think they are entitled to confidentiality.

    The reason behind the posting of pms was to expose the illegal activities of 3A and admin.

  3. so why has the id of all the posters who have gone before been published and not these few tagged "hot" - thats what Im asking. What is the difference?

  4. eta especially the pm talking about not thinking th eparents involved but coming to the board to crucify them anyway, to "let off steam." Thats not a poster expresing an opinion, thats someone treating another human being as though their life is a game and they are not real. Why should that person have their id protected more than others? Similarly, the pm that alludes to someone having mental health problems... If it is Bennett as I presume it is or at a push Laffin then why not let it be known? How much damage do these two do to innocent people with their petitions, leaflets, threats, letters and the rest? Posters follow them blindly thinking that they are genuinely seeking truth and justice etc etc. If it were mentioned that they had mental health issues it may cause one or two to think again.