Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bennett - hypocrisy and lies

What he says now:

However, I will add to that, that none of the people I know who share my views about what really happened to Madeleine McCann would even dream of sending you threatening e-mails, letters or telephone calls. I would heartily disapprove of anyone who even thought of doing that to you

And what he said then:

Tony B to Tony_Q
Subject: E-mail from Graham Northgate of Clegg Gifford - and reply

Tony Bennett: I have this morning received this further reply from Mr Northgate (verbatim):


It is my right to disagree and I couldn't disagree more.

What right have you to say any of these things?

And when they find out what really happened to her...they are progressing very nicely...I expect a full apology towards the family from your good self.

Kind regards


Any chance of you letting me field this one Tony?
I'm just in the mood for a **** like this.

Why don't you give him a ring, I published his Tel. No. in the OP

Is that your 'hearty disapproval', Tony?

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