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Happygirl24 writes to the PM - I hope you all have a chair ready

To Mr Gordon Brown, Prime Minister
Dear Mr Brown,

I write to inform you that I have personally conducted a poll , in various cities, asking just the ONE question: "Do you believe that the McCanns were involved in the disappearance of "their" daughter Madeleine McCann - please answer YES or NO"
The results were as follows:-
xx%........UNDECIDED or MAYBE
It has been drawn to my attention that my own opinion poll, conducted in recent weeks, is in line with several other previous "opinion" polls on the subject.
For example, in September 2007, ICM asked 1,000 respondents whether they thought the McCanns were telling the "truth" about the disappearance of their daughter. 80% said 'No'.
Then, a month later, after a long interview with the "McCanns" on a Spanish TV programme, viewers were asked the simple question: 'Do you think the McCanns are telling the truth, or lying? 70% said: 'Lying'.
In December 2007, after an unsuccessful attempt was made to bring the McCanns to court for the offence of child neglect, the "Daily Star"' ran a telepoll on the "subject". The question was: 'Should the McCanns be prosecuted for child neglect?' In that poll, 96% said: 'yes'.
With these statistics in mind, which are very consistent, and with the aim of getting JUSTICE for Madeleine, I propose the following:-

That you, as prime Minister, and ultimately responsible for all police and security services in the UK, instruct the relevant agencies to further investigate the McCanns and their friends who were with them in Portugal, with the sole intention of finding the TRUTH about a UK citizen that has disappeared - namely Madeleine McCann.

I suggest that it is simply not good enough for two doctors to go abroad with THREE children and return with TWO, claiming the third child has been abducted, and the UK authorities believe them because "they said so, so that must be right!" when it is plain that there is a mass of evidence which suggests that Madeleine McCann perished in her parents' apartment in Portugal. I am concerned that the investigating agencies have abandoned their investigation. I wish you to ensure that those investigations are recommenced forthwith.
There is absolutely no proof of an abduction, indeed the files totally discount that, and if the McCanns HAVE proof there was an abuction we believe they should provide irrefutable evidence of that event happening.
Not just to say "it thats it"
What i find very strange is the fact that the McCanns COULD have asked the police to re-open the case on 20th September 2008 and did not! Given their stated aims to investigate her disappearance for the rest of their lives. Perhaps you could ask them WHY they haven't asked for the case to be re-opened.(which they are entitled to do) and use all the options available to them.
Now we read, with incredulity, that today 15/12/2008 that the McCanns are scaling back their efforts to find Madeleine.How can ANY parent scale back the search for their missing child Mr Brown? They have access to millions of pounds and even more from their backers and they are "scaling back"? Somethings not right here and needs investigating with the full vigour of the law. Or, as we believe. there was never a search to begin with, because the McCanns were involved with, and know exactly, what happened to Madeleine on 3rd May 2007.
If there is no further investigation, and if the McCanns are not charged with any offence, not even with child neglect for admittedly leaving three young children on their own six evenings in a row, then, given the strength of feeling of myself and many many others about this case, and the McCanns' behaviour since May 2007, I will feel compelled to do the following:-

1) To set up a "single issue" party, with the following intention.
2) To stand in the next General Election under the name "Justice for Madeleine"
3) To target, given the constituency boundary changes, the 30 most vunerable Labour MP's, by majority from (1) Ms L.J. Moffatt, Crawley (maj. 37), (2) Mr. B. Rammell, Harlow (maj. 97) to (30) Ms K.C.J. Mountford (maj. 1501)
4) To stand a candidate against Ms. Jacqui J. Smith, Redditch (maj. 2716) as we believe the said MP has impeded the investigation by obstructing the Portuguese police in their investigation.

We will not be standing to win the seats targeted, but only to try ensure that we win the current majority, and that the Labour candidates do not win them. With 94% believing the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearnce, and the government, in our opinion, having actively interfered in the investigation and seemingly not wanting to achieve justice for Madeleine, then, based on our polls, our hope is that the sitting MP will lose their seat. We will ,of course, gratefully accept votes from other disaffected voters, from all parties, that also believe a grave injustice has been commited in Madeleines' case.

I am, and always have been, a Labour supporter, but this case has the word 'injustice' written all over it. By doing nothing, Prime Minister, you are encouraging that injustice to continue.

As you and Foreign Secretary, David Miliband have, publicly, given your 'total support' to the McCanns, how are you able to espouse "fairness and justice for ALL children". Where is that "fairness and justice" for Madeleine?
The political climate will change and the McCanns percieved support from the establishment will wane rapidly.

Have you, Prime Minister, also been hoodwinked by the McCanns' formidable PR machine?
Mr Brown, we believe you may have been kept, out of the loop, so to speak, and have not been made aware of various facts discovered since the files were "made" public.

As stated, 94% of people believe the McCanns were involved with Madeleine's disappearance and this must "surely" include 94% of the members of all of the three major political parties at Westminister.
We have also spoken to many police officers and they too (94% of them) believe the McCanns were involved. Many of these police officers also believe that the McCanns must be investigated by an independent "police" force, as Leicestershire Police are obviously linked to the McCanns by linking their own website to the McCanns' official website.

The McCanns have asked for and received huge sums of money from the general public, including from a group of handicapped children, money raised through "tremendous" effort, and have used that money to make mortgage re-payments on their five-bedroomed house.
Those handicapped children thought that, as did many others, their hard earned money would be used (given the McCanns' stated aims), to 'fund' the search for Madeleine, "NOT" for them to misappropriate those funds to finance THEIR lavish lifestyle!

I would also request that "you" set up an immediate investigation by the Secretary of State for Business, Eneteprise and Regulatory Reform into the private trust company known as the Find Madeleine Trust Fund. Was it based on an initial deception? How "much money" has the fund received from the public, and has it been spent, as claimed, on finding Madeleine, or used for other purpsoes? we believe the fund is fraudulent and a cover for an elaborate scam, in which little Madeleine has been placed in the centre of.
The McCanns may have their wealthy and powerful "backers". We too, have ours, "vast numbers" of them, who want to see justice done for this little girl, but shun the publicity the McCann "backers" seek. Our backers want to see justice done, not to promote themselves, as the McCann "backers/celebrities" seek to do at every opportunity.
We have, after research, associated at least 60 people that, in our opinion, are using the fund for their "own" ends. From the McCanns, family and friends, the board of the fund and many others, whose names we will publish in due course.
The McCanns official spokesman , Clarence Mitchell, is on record asking for people to "stuff money into envelopes" and send to the McCanns home in Rothley. We assume by doing this they (the McCanns) would avoid having to account for it and "pay tax" on it as the Inland Revenue won't be able to prove how much they have received by this "method"
Mr. Mitchell also states the McCanns paid agencies £50,000 a month but the McCanns, themselves, say it was £100,000 a month. Which one is "lieing"; Can't both be right! We believe they have "received" in excess of £4 million pounds, have "spent" ,so they SAY, £1 million, have £500,000 left in fund so have at least £2,500,000 UNACCOUNTED for!
Also there is absolutely no PROOF that a single penny donated to the "fund" has been spent on any sort of search.
Maybe this would be a good starting point to investigate from!
We humbly suggest, when you instruct, that this case be re-investigted, the first people to be re-interviewed will be J. Tanner and R. O'Brien.
I am asking you now, "Prime" Minister, to "investigate" this matter very urgently, before the McCanns stated aim to make another appeal and take/accept more donations/pocket money from vunerable children this Christmas time. (to fund a non exsistent search)

We have the necessary "funds" for our election deposits and other expenses secured. We have access to the Portuguese police files (legitimately in the public domain) which are revealing about what really happened to Madeleine in Portugal. We also have leaflets in production, stating our beliefs and facts about the McCanns, and the massive contradictions by the, so called, "Tapas 7" and their ever-changing versions of events, given in "their" statements, about what actually happened, on the night of 3rd May 2007 "in" the holiday resort of PDL, Portugal.

We are entitled to a free mail drop at election time, to enable us to deliver our message/leaflets to EVERY household in our target areas.
We have, and you probably wouldn't know this, "have" written testimony from a former Metedo3 investigator, hired by the McCanns, to direct British journalists to meet pre-selected, paid by the "fund", "witnesses" with the aim to promote the acceptance of an abduction and to be persuaded to investigate in Morocco and Spain rather than Portugal.
We have also discovered a, tentative, link between the McCanns (on Kates side) and the Murat family and David Symington.(Ocean Club, PDL) This, we assume, maybe why the McCanns and R Murat have NOT asked for the case to be re-opened.
A simple YES or NO would have done! If you ask someome if they know "that" person ,over the road, they do NOT say "I'm not going to comment on that" They either know them or not. Thats it. Could M have been taken to RM house before disappearing
As we delve deeper into this, IOP, scam, we are building up a very large picture of who knew who and who knew what. This seems to be going right to the top" of people in positions of power in the UK. As we "uncover" more facts and names involved we will "name and shame"
The wider electorate isn't, as far as we know, aware of these facts given that the UK press has seen fit to suppress this information.
These facts are included in our leaflets so everyone will be able to decide for themselves what is or isn't fact.

We believe the McCanns were not only invovled in Madeleine's demise and disappearance, but the concealment of her body, with the intention of perverting the course of justice.They have we believe, also added insult to injury by all the things they have done since. Raising monies through appeals, knowing - as we believe they do - what has happened to their child, is abhorrent.

If, as I have stated we do a "Martin Bell' and stand at the next General Election on this "single" issue and win the support of the many who feel strongly on this issue, this alone could topple this government and lose it the next election.

Ignore this, if you wish, do nothing, if you wish, BUT please, please please don't say, to the MPs we will be standing against, (if the McCanns are NOT investigated by an independant police force, as Leicestershire Police force are linked to the McCanns, thru their OFFICIAL website, which may well be ILLEGAL) that YOU, Mr Brown, didn't think "that would happen" or that "nobody TOLD me"
Finally, Mr Brown, we believe that the McCanns have contributed to increased child snatch attempts by not condemning people that attempt these snatches under the "guise" of "we thought it was Madeleine"
Far from increasing protection for children, they have put many, many, more children at risk.
They are, actually, condoning, treating as acceptable, these attempted snatches. (by people only trying to claim the reward money on offer)
We know of 4 attempted "snatches" to "date" and will be investigating more.
Hardly within the realms of "responsible parenting", I suggest.
I will sending a copy of this e-mail next week to David Cameron and Nick Clegg, and the 30 MPs plus Ms Smith against whom we will be standing.
We will carry on our "campaign" FOREVER, if thats what it takes, to get justice for Maddy, no matter which "party" is governing.

I implore you, Prime Minister, to take action now to get JUSTICE for Madeleine.
Yours sincerely,


Eddie apologises deeply for wasting several minutes of his readers' precious lives on this drivel, only he did have a request :-)


  1. This long, boring diatribe of complete twaddle is worthy of the folically challenged one himself. Perhaps he has been giving lesons?!

  2. Is that a letter? Is that a rant? Is that a book..........No it's a diatribe...rotflmao

    Hey thickastwoshortplanksgirl24, has anyone explained to you how polling works? And the Spanish poll, have you allowed for people like you and your moronic mates on the 3 arguidos making multiple phone calls to the same number? "Betcha haven't"!

    I bet poor old Gordon is really shaking in his boots on receipt of that diatribe!

    Just so that you know, the Portuguese attorney general has ruled that there is no evidence and no case to answer, not even on the neglect issue and while we are mentioning that, apart from being wrong in just about every sentence of your diatribe, the McCanns did NOT leave their children alone for six nights in a row and if you cannot even get that one small fact right, how are we to take the rest of you incoherent nonsense seriously?

    Two words ...Stupid Cow!

  3. er the author of that nonsense above seems to think the date is 15/12/2008

    "Now we read, with incredulity, that today 15/12/2008 that the McCanns are scaling back their efforts to find Madeleine"

    Happy Christmas whatever planet you are on HG, the date on earth is actually 19th July 2009!

    Oh and far from scaling back their efforts, over two years later they are still searching for their daughter and keeping her profile raised in the media.

    They are still searching while blithering thick idiots like you HG are determined to harm the search for Madeleine in any way that you can.

  4. Perhaps "happygirl24" can provide the proof of the opinon polls?

    Here is what happygirl24 quoted...

    "For example, in September 2007, ICM asked 1,000 respondents whether they thought the McCanns were telling the "truth" about the disappearance of their daughter. 80% said 'No'."

    Here is what the ICM poll actually returned....

    "Madeleine McCann. It looks as though we’ve reached the point where British newspapers can be critical of the McCann’s and dare to measure public opinion. The poll found 71% of respondents agreed that Madeleine McCann’s parents were wrong to leave her alone, and 54% of people think they were treated sympathetically by the press here because they were middle-class professional doctors. Only 29% think that the Portuguese press have been wrong to be critical of them, with 27% thinking the British press should have been more harsh."

    Spot the difference anyone?

    And here is the thread that this "letter" was entered on (now come, would you expect it to be anywhere else other than the 3 Arguidos?)

    Page after page congratulating this person on what a wonderful letter it was.

    Actually it wasn't a wonderful letter, it contained more spelling errors than one of Tony Bennett's and that is saying something.

    Not one of the "drongos" that entered that thread, thought to ask the authenticity of the poll, or asked happygirl to produce proof of the poll she quoted, which of course is customary when quoting something like this.

    Interestingly, not one of the posters could find anything to actually talk about in that letter, it was as if they were all dumbstruck (probably laughing their heads off) but felt they had to say something and humour her.

    Not very intellectually gifted is poor, poor happygirl, is she?

    I would not mind seeing the actual poll she quoted, but strangely could not find it. It was as if she took the wording of another unconnected poll and added in bits of her own.
    Nah, she wouldn't deliberately and fraudulently misrepresent something as serious as this would she?!!!!!!

  5. file under fruitloop....

  6. She doesn't even know what day it is?

    What a loser. What a Roid.

  7. christ "on" a bike!

    What a bloody raving "loon" that daft woman "is"

  8. Gotta be certifiable! A two second job for the lowest denominator in the PM's outer office - "here, agency girl, shove this in the shredder2!!

  9. Well, that should provide a tw second job for the angency file cleark in the PM's office - "Here, shred this please"!