Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How many respected members had respected mods asking if you were satisfied with their decisions?

The charm free Marian goes after the charmless Drachen Sachen... Roisin then makes sure that charmless Marian is acceptably pleased. Because all members are equal, just some are more equal than others.

Hi Marian,

I just logged into the 3A's and noticed that you had reported a post by DrachenSachen. Was his/her removal of the offensive picture (which I didn't see, sorry) a satisfactory resolution. I noticed that Drachen also apologized but am a bit at a loss to know how bad the image was as it is now *gone*. The report remains open - as a new mod I'm really not sure what I'm doing quite yet and am going to check with one of the others to know whether DS is now warned over the offensive post, or exactly how this is handled.

Mainly, I just want to know at the moment if you are OK with the way the thread stands until someone walks me through the steps to take care of your report.

All the oldtimers (mods) are sleeping apparently (how dare they??) but I'm West Coast USA so it is not QUITE bedtime here yet.

Anyway, back to the topic - are you satisfied with DS's response to your complaint about the offensive post?

Let me know, please,

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