Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our new feature: TOO HOT TO USERNAME!

After much thought, and knawing on a rawhide, I can no longer ignore Keela's alerts to the really really really really really really tail wagging, dog in heat, leg humpers of a post!

So today we unveil "TOO HOT TO USERNAME!", posts that only Springer could love.

Enjoy. Sadly, there's far too many more where this came from! WOOF!

"...I know! It is so unfair! He works for hours a day (and night!) doing his bit and truth be told he isn't entirely well. I mean mentally. He's on the side of the angels, though, and has my whole support. Unless he does something a step too far. However, he never seems to. You must not tell anyone what I've said here, please. I also agree with your point about bren. These constant flounces are farcical. From our vantage point she will at some point flounce one time too many. At that point, we'll be in a position to run things properly, although from a distance. It is fundamental, of course, we keep our interests reasonably apart as it wouldn't look too well on our efforts to be tied directly to this site as persons in authority. Even those with political expertise are finding themselves with new lessons learned since we joined up here!"

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