Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"One of Gran’s PMs to me"

Oh blimey Angela. I have just had the most terrible PM from Gran. Oh my God. It is so so terrible. She is a total bitch. Bluddy hell. I am shocked. Well she can go fizz.

I have my own life to get on with. I can do without this piss.

Love Lxx

She was a bitch. I just cannot talk about it Angela.

Oh well, I will copy one of them to you. Hang on a mo and I will go copy it and send it.
Love L xx

I meant TRAVELLER the mod. Is that who you meant? Oh God. She is a witch. the bluddy bitch. Well, I don't honestly care Angela. I really don't I have Bob and that is all I care about. I hope I still have you as a friend. I will never ever trust anyone on the internet again.
Love L xx

She chose her day well didn't she Angela? The bitch. She is evil.

OMG GRAN IS TRAVELLER. I got it now. Bluddy hell. Traveller was a mod on here - don't know if he still is or not. Bluddy hell. She has just given it away in her PM to me. My GOD. What a bluddy bitch. I shall ask bjr to delete me from this forum
Love L xx

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  1. That will be Polo having a moan then