Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't mention libel FGS!!!

Dear Sev.

I am sorry but I have no alternative but to warn you about the comment you posted on the Open/Closed Forum.

You were basically saying that people were open to more serious libel actions. You a hold an important postion as a moderator and as I own the domain and have the responsibility for what happens to the domain and its legal situation, I think that is my duty to decide and do not want moderators/admins posting statements like that trying to influence the members. I have taken this action because I think the members have had enough libel/legal threats thrown at them on the DM and they shouldn't have to have them stated here.

If you had serious concerns you should have posted them in the moderators forum, which was designed specifically for this purpose, and not on the public forum. Or they could have been PM'd to me directly for me to discuss with Admin if necessary.

In future please could you use the moderators forum for your concerns and not place them on the public forum for them to view.


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