Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long arm of the law or a wind-up?

Banshee to Potsy

Oh My GOD Potsy ! ! !

I wish you were the type of poster I could suspect of being at the wind-up and maybe playing a stupid joke .. but having read this board every day, and the Mirror before that, since last May .. I get a horrible feeling you are telling the truth ..

I am ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED the law have been in your home ... oh my god I'm SO shocked .. if you have been arrested then that means anyone of us here, who has posted anything in the slightest derogatory towards the McScum, could end up in the same boat.

Please know I'm thinking about you .. if there's anything you need doing from the UK then just let me know .. this case has now stepped up a gear .. who the hell are these people ?

Take care Potsy .. hoping for the best outcome for you !

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