Tuesday, July 7, 2009

File under 'Loon'

ShuBob wrote:
Hi Tony,

I have just received a reply from my Mp, ***** ******, from the House of Commons. Here's what he wrote:

Dear xxxxxx

I acknowledge receipt of your email dated 23 March and confirm that the Madeleine Foundation did forward to me a copy of What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?

I am afraid that the whole incident of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has become a subject of speculation to which I can give no credence. So I am not prepared to do what you ask.

I am sorry to send what I know you will conside to be a disappointing reply. As you purchased the copy of Tony Bennett's booklet which was sent to me, I return it herewith.

Yours sincerely

and then.....

I went to my MP's surgery this morning.....

Sent: Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:11 pm
by ShuBob
And I'm not happy! ***** ****** wasn't at the surgery today but his secretary was and immediately she saw my correspondence with Mr ****** was about Maddie, she immediately proceded to dismiss me! I wasn't having none of it though and told her my rights as a constituent. She told me that she knew Mr ****** had thought carefully about his decision and he was not going to change his mind. I told her I took issue with the fact his reply referred to speculation when the official police files were now out. Again, to try and fob me off she said she didn't think he'd have access to the files and I told her they were widely available and that he should ask his researchers to find it. She still went on about him not changing his mind and I told her that he should at the very least read the official files and that if he came to the same decision then fine. I wasn't happy with being dismissed. She told me I should contact him directly as I obviould have a personal issue with the case at which point I asked her what she was doing there if not to stand in for him and listen to queries on his behalf. She had no reply. She eventually got up and left me in the room while she went to call the next person in. It was this final act of rudeness that made me see red. I walked behind her and told her I was going to report her for being rude and she said that's fine! I hope to email ***** later today. I wonder if you have any advice for me as I intend to report his secretary and again raise the inquest issue with him at the same time.


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