Sunday, July 12, 2009

So this is how he operated?


Well done, Magali, you're a star. Congratulations -you're someone who really goes ahead and gets things done. V annoying about the mods, sorry no time to post just now - I'm swamped out with work. The mods are incredibly obtuse. Got to be quick, but I've one or two ideas for you:


1) Being French, you could get direct access to D. Levy (who runs SOS Maddie) and inside information on the case that nobody but a select few can get. You could also ask him directly about the multiple maddie issue, and he might be willing to give you inside info that could be published on your thread (you would definitely need permission). Here's how to do it, if you're interested:

a) Sign up to join the SOS Maddie forum and make some posts

b) PM the mods and ask if you can join in the late night MSN sessions that Levy runs. These are for trusted posters (anti-McCann) who must guarantee that they will not publicize what he divulges. However, certain information may be divulged, with his permission. I went on these sessions a few times when I was a member, before I transferred to MF - was amazed at the info that came out to these MSN sessions. You could raise the issue of the multiple maddies and discuss fully - he will know the truth - had direct links to the PJ.

(Redacted stupid squit about photos and different 'versions' of Madeleine)

Let me know what happens with your approaches. Unfortunately, Reis is still away from his blog, also Levy has never answered the 2 emails I sent. Far better to get hold of him on an MSN session.

A Bientot!

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