Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stevo and the iron proof of adjoining counties...

from Stevo, stalking Harmony:

Interesting about Harmony. I just read the whole of the O'Brien Rogatory thread and noticed Harmony was backing up nicked without any questions at all.

I've long suspected Harmony as being an obfuscator. S/He has never satisfactorily answered any of my PMs but s/he will go on and on till the n'th degree about things with seemingly no conclusion. I don't know his/her name but know the IP address is in Northamptonshire - the neighbouring county to K&G.

JillyComeLately was a troll in the family/in the know IMO.

Blackwatch is ok - I like reading his blog but Blacksmith is an oddball. Blacksmith is a journalist - his/her IP comes up in the Farringdon/Fleet St area.

Nicked (redacted) is very lackadaisical when it comes to not leaving any traces. Her Yahoo ID is very prominent and she posed as a staunch Anti over there. Her persona in here was completely at odds with her persona elsewhere. Clearly in here to obfuscate and argue/troll.

If you have details of where Harmony let it slip I'd like to see it...


Hi -
You gave an even better clue - you said she used to be Hephaestus. I checked out Hephaestus and Harmony and they are one and the same

Harmony lives in the W************ area (Northamptonshire) and she is also associated with Bedford - which is only 20 miles from there.

Bedford can mean the aerobic instructor or Dianne Webster. Does anyone else spring to mind?


Yes Stevo, I'll tell you what springs to mind - you are not fit to be admin of any site where people trust you with their personal details.

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  1. what the brainless tool that is Stevo doesn't realise is that the reason I have made posts in the past that are consistent with an "anti" point of view wheras my posts seem "pro" now is because (wait for it....)

    Thats the thing about having a mind of your own instead of belonging to a hive... you can change your opinion as and when new evidence/information becomes available.
    Thats what I have done and thats what they simply can't grasp.

    Also, whats with the google stalking? What would our wierd little stalker actualy do if he did track any of us down? LMAO Come on down to South Liverpool Stevo and meet my brothers - I invite ya!