Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marian outs herself: telltale and proud abuser

I am glad it is sorted, Marian. I really like your contributions to the forum so I knew that it must have been something quite offensive. The card DS posted is unquestionably offensive and actually I think it needs to be noted for the other mods who no doubt also missed it. It sounds outrageous, frankly, so thank you for letting me know.

I have to tell you that behaving myself is not easy and I know just what you are saying about that aspect of being a mod. My feeling was that my own posts are not as important as keeping this forum alive and a place to allow everyone to speak their minds without censor - unless they pull something like you reported last night!

I suppose being a mod might help me learn what most people my age have already got as a skill - a bit of self control. I'm not prone to that quality so it is good I have not had as much time lately to rant and rave on the forum as I am prone to do. I thought about contributing a post the other night and was going to go ahead and foam at the mouth... and then give myself a warning later.

Stay well,


quote=marian Hi Roisin

Thanks for your prompt reply, I sorted it out with DS in a later post.

DS posted a card which said something like"Support Padophilia - attend Catholic Mass Today"

There had been another similar post but that, I felt was beyond the pale, not just because I am a Catholic.

Love Marian. All is fine. Congratulations on being made a Mod but I wouldn't do it, you can't get to post abusive posts!


Yes, all good Christians can't be parting with their right to abusive posts. What's that thing... you know... judge not, lest... ah, sod it.

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