Thursday, July 23, 2009

Be careful out there!

Ratonthebeam to Doppelganger:

I am afraid I am as baffled as you! Like I said yesterday, I haven't been on ST's site for weeks, not even to look on it, let alone post on it. I can assure you quite categorically that any "threats" made there are most certainly not by me! The only posts I have been making in the past week or so have been on Viv's site and the 3As. I know you have a history with Viv so I didn't even mention to anyone there that I had spoken to you in PMs. So the leak has most definitely not come from me! Maybe it's just some troll who has taken a random guess and got lucky? It is an outside chance, but not impossible. Be careful out there!
Best regards

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  1. How old is this PM?
    Are you sure it is from Ratonthebeam?
    It is signed by 'Ellen'