Sunday, July 12, 2009

So how does one get a press card?

Hi Bjr,

I've decided to send you this PM, after reading Levy's thread and another one I can't remember the title. Both are locked, so, I couldn't post.

However, I think I need to clarify one thing about 'journalist sources' and the way it works in Portugal. In Portugal, asking a journalist to tell what are his/her sources, is considered lack of ethics. So, each time, someone starts to doubt on someone and what that person posts/writes on articles, it's raining in the wet, as I use to say. Even Courts of Law can't ask that question.They are actually protected by the journalism Law in Portugal. If the person is really a journalist (even free lancer) and holds a Press Card, it's no use to ask for his/her sources. Not even in a Court they'd revealed anything, and, there's already lots of cases where Courts of Law tried to know what were the sources to no avail. Law gives them protection.

So, in my humble opinion, some posters didn't follow the right path, when they started to question the veracity of Levy, Paulo Reis or even another friend they have (never posted on the forum) author of more than one publication about Madeleine McCann. They're all journalists, I can garantee you.

Anyway, hope you understand what I mean. A journalist will never, ever reveal the source, neither the way he got the info. The only thing we can do is to believe it or not.

Best regards,

F. Soares

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