Thursday, July 23, 2009

That was then, of course...

Bren to Traveller:

I have been to hell and back over this last month along with the other mods and we are not going back down this route again and having things dragged up from the past.

But I would still appreciate an answer as to why Marian posted up that you and her were leaving without even having the decency to discuss it with me.

Yes you are seeing a whole new Bren, one that is not going to be manipulated and one that is in charge of this set up whether certain people like it or not. I am sorry it has come to this Graeme but you are being totally unfair and biased towards Pat and I will not accept that. Pat is honest, loyal and what you see is what you get, and I would prefer to work with Pat any day of the week than work with someone like Jan and her friends who are liars, cheats and deceivers. I am sorry Graeme but I have removed your permissions, this is exactly how things were going on before all this trouble, mods deciding who they can work with and who will go and I am not going back down that road again. To read on the forum that you and Marian were leaving was the final straw. All I have ever asked for is honesty and transparency but today I realised that I would not be getting that. Pat has done nobody any wrong, her only failing was to speak up for those that have been frightened to or for those that she could see were being manipulated, she does not deserve this treatment and I will not stand back and see her treated like this again. We knew damn well Jan would probably try and get to you like she got to the other mods but hey that is your perogative if you wish to believe her I can not force anybody to believe me or the other mods, even though we are speaking the truth. You do not not know what mind games have been played on each and everyone of us. Just cast your mind back to when Pat first joined us, she was NEVER like this, but those that had an ulterior motive have hurt her more than anyone can imagine. They have instilled on other mods that Pat is a monster and there is no way that Pat is that and I will not have that said to her. Because you don't know how much my head was screwed and you don't know how much she worked to help me out, even after what I had done to her and how she held things altogether for me and most importantly for this forum so Maddie can have a voice. And for that I will be enternally grateful to Pat for.

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