Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ah, the vital New Zealand side of the investigation...

Hi Pakeha2007,

Please forgive this unsolicited pm.

I am trying to recruit yourself and Brit Abroad who lives in Dunedin I think to see if we can help the NZ side of the investigation.

Its not much but between us we should be able to discover SOMETHING.

I have found a Doctor (GP) in Invercargill, aged 38, Glasgow trained. I am off for an appointment with him on Friday pm (with the flu), and to hopefully impress him with my (rather less broad now) Glaswegian accent. Please wish me luck.

Do you live anywhere near Napier / or even Wellington?

Love to you and isn't this a great place.


if it was a combination stalking/fool's errand at least the good doctor didn't have to do her PAP. Talk about the Seventh Circle of Hell.

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