Friday, May 29, 2009

You Give Me Fever

I have always been d**** ! but I try not to post - have you seen ****'s pic of me ? you and T*** are quite becomming on you bikes too ! I cant even get into my mail at the moment , dont know if it is to do with South Africans on their computer - wireless , they are above me and for last 2 hours I cant do anything on bt yahoo - can see T*** left me messages but cant access any of it . you are on the warpath then ! Forget the magistrate , get D**** over to do a reposession ! I would have paid your flight x I did leave you message twice last week.Just going to get ********* from cubs - they have taken them on a walk in the pitch black , freezing cold , along a country footpath for 2 hour walk and I am feeling sick - wanted to follow them but wasnt allowed ! will try you when back x

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