Friday, May 29, 2009

Pants on fire

Somebody has been telling fibs........


What is discussed in Mod box about IP tracing etc should stay there.

Now after the shenanigans of Bonnybraes1 and MsMarbles posting chat conversation everywhere, I do wonder what other privilege info they could be passing. But I know the mods that are here do not repeat anything outside mod box and neither do I.

There are some serious comments being made about this forum and myself in particular on other places, but I can assure you that I have never passed information over to anybody and would never do that.

One of the comments being made is that Stevo, Laffin and Drachen are now mods, that is not true, they are members and they are treated as members and they are not passed info.

I know there was a thread started in the night aimed at a member and it was removed from the forum. It is a fine line to draw because obviously we have had some people sign up and play mind games with members and they must have had an ulterior motive to do this in the first place, so we do allow certain discussions but we monitor the threads closely and delete and reprimand if necessary. I know a lot of tracing is done through other peoples online activity and not from details passed from here. We don't know who has downloaded the database that Nbrado uploaded and therefore we can't point the fingers at anyone except to say that we know some people have downloaded it and they have made references to it on other forums.



Sounds fair enough to me. It's nice to feel safe.

I can assure you that I have never passed information over to anybody and would never do that.

Something is troubling me though, in light of that remark how can you explain this?


"Hi Steve

Hope you are keeping OK, I know you like digging around and uncovering things. Well I think we may have uncovered some connections between an ex-mod and the British Government. It might no be much but you are better at sleuthing than I am.

Check out A*** T**** ******n on facebook, friends include, ****** T*****, H***** *****, **** L****, ****** Mc**** MEP, **** *****.

This A**** is **** son who is at ******* University, also we remember that ****** ***** MP for ******* ********* is **** cousin, she mentioned it in a conversation ages ago.

Now I know she is in with J*********, k*** and ********* who are not in favour of Tony.

The only think we ask is that you do not mention where you got this information from. If that is OK with you.

Anyway have a nice weekend and take care.





Yes she is from Manchester ********.

12 (address removed)

One thing she did want so bad was to get into the Admin Panel. When ***** came on board the only people he allowed in the Admin Panel was himself and me. Now that upset her. When we went to the paid server she wanted back in the Admin Panel and ***** would not allow her. The only thing she did not have access to was the email addys of members and they could only be obtained from the Admin Panel.

Gestalt is ***** *******, comes from ********.



Remember, I can assure you that I have never passed information over to anybody and would never do that.

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  1. Bren lied, I am shocked......NOT! LOL