Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who does Photon trust?

Sent: Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:44 pm
by Photon
Hi Laffin

Bren, ****** (they "interviewed" me - and in mod box we use our own names, but as V****** is longish I suggested Val), so "older mods" might also know (including ex-mods). There's been nothing up till now - if Janz (or one of the others) did give my IP to A**y (after I asked for sheepshagger to be removed) I don't think they also told him about V****** - he's never used it (and he could have done when he posted my work place and IP address that time)

Full name and work address is also known by Tony Bennett and JJP - and I trust both of them almost as much as I trust you (my instincts have been pretty good up to now).

Google search for v******, university of liverpool only gives me 2 hits out of 10 on first page. I've never talked about work (including where I work) in mod box - so Pat's reference (in a recent chat) to uni will have been through IP address We're all very good with IP addresses (sad, isn't it!).

My suspicion is that this post will be from P*** - either herself or manipulating S*****.

Bren has already made enquiries with a solicitor re the pissingonparade stuff - doesn't look good.

We'll see - not planning any sleepless nights yet, and at least there's a V***** S******at Liverpool uni :D

Best wishes

Val xx

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  1. I am starting a petition about this matter as soon as I am done writing my booklet.