Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bren - PR advisor to the Stars!!

From: Bren
To: Stevo
Hi Steve

I want to discuss something with you and please do not think I am interfering or anything. But I think it might help Tony a bit.

The ex-mods are banned from here, that includes librarising and LGC (who was not a mod but is Libras wife) and I think they are using viv to get at Tony. Jan is very clever as we have found out and can manipulate without even people realising. My god we have witnessed it first hand and when it gets exposed it is a shocker.

Jan, Libra, LGC, etc and Jillycomelatey are all members of Jans new forum. And all these people do not like Tony and that is why I think they are using viv as a mouth piece.

I have thought of a PR plan that might help Tony out. If he could write something on the lines, I do not care who agrees with me or who does not but I will not see any child left alone blah blah blah, and do a speech but emphasise that he will not be holding anymore debate with his objectors as time is being lost in his campaign for Justice. Also if he has time perhaps he could post things or do a bit of work on the Child abuse forum and Baby P case. This to his critics will not be seen as if he is just hounding the McCanns and is really out there for justice against neglect etc. It needs to be personal and it needs him to expose what has made him take this case up, sentimental things, like maybe looking at his own childrens life and his grandkids and thinking what would he be feeling etc.

There are two games being played in my opinion, one by Jans crew to discredit Tony and two one by a more darker force that is picking off long term posters. But I will deal with that one.

Hope you don't mind me PM'ing you with a few ideas and you can tell me to mind my own business and I won't be offended. :)) :))

Just my thoughts.


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