Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stalking Muratfan...infiltrating PFA

by Photon
Hi Laffin

From Truth's (where he also talks about his blog, updates, site visits (says you've visited his site, obviously):
''Someone on the 3 Arguidos must be worried because according to my logs that i have the links they come to my blog from seem to be in the Mods/Admin area. Yet Laffin Harry seems to be coming in from there to. Very strange that one.''

E-mail addy used by muratfan to register at another forum. He also identified location at this forum as S****y. We haven't got IP yet.

Hopefully, it's obvious where I got the search terms from for 192. But they might be wrong if jc*** a pseudonym

How can he link 82.--.91.68 to Laffin? I presume you have different names on different forums (no, don't want to know what they are)? Can't have had it long, or would have published it sooner?

Wife is K****y nee D*****s. If he's a lying b@stard - nice of him to suggest his wife (sounds about right though).

Haven't had chance to ask about your Kez question yet. will do though.

Obviously, Sassy is now banned from PFA (don't know why though). I think her final swansong will be a beautifully composed email to Hollysmum reminding her of the confidentiality requirements for Sassy's personal details and IP/ISP - given that someone thought she sounded like Drachen???HM has had a bad day, and has been called a liar by Taggart over the Blondie/Murat article. Any thoughts on the possibility might be cloning our member names??

Take care

Van xx


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  1. Oh dear, it seems that the dumbest person at Liverpool University is trying to out the wrong person AGAIN. So it is confirmed that they do visit these blogs, despite everyone saying they don't. Liars the lot of them.
    Thanks for bringin this to the attention of everyone so they can see what a bunch of idiots are on the 3 Arguidos