Friday, May 29, 2009


This, as you may have gathered is the result of the lack of security on the 3As. Beo ensured the members that nobody would be able to decipher the code.
As you can see that is another example of being somewhat loose with the truth. The security breach was not caused by anyone outside the forum. This happened from the inside.
They do not want you to know this but it's true. The forum was not hacked, this is no 'bug' in the installation. Someone deliberately left this information exposed to anyone using the internet.

My advice, trust nobody.


  1. Do you think Beo did this on purpose?

  2. I just don't know, anon.
    There are few people with that level of access so that narrows it down.
    There is no "bug" in the phpbb upgrade that would cause the access files to be removed which was the official excuse given.

  3. Oh no Eddie. It were them outside dark forces again or Team McCann!!

  4. Most probably that will be the excuse given.
    I just cannot see this as a general error.
    All the access files from all directories were missing. The default setting is for the directories to deny access to most of the directories. These were all missing.
    Hacked from the inside.