Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here the good doctor suggest a link between someone to a well know far-right leader

"Hope you slept well, Laffin

I know the feeling

Take care

Van xxx

ETA (smilies etcetera)

ETA#2 school

Yes, **** (mother's maiden name T****) certainly does bear a striking resemblance to A*** - still couldn't find A****'s birth record if brother. N*** has a sister - can't find name yet. If this persists will check Who's Who tomorrow and fathom any more out about dad, E*****, family. Interested to see this in Wiki re N**** dad:

Wiki entry about freemasons etc....(zzzzzzzzzzzzz)

N***went to Woodbridge School (independent) in Suffolk. A*** was also privately educated.... somewhere where they didn't study Shakespeare (probably trendy at the time!). OK means the moment

Wait a minute!!

Birth record? Education record?

Is that in the terms and conditions?

Members will be subject to a background check at the admin's discretion?


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