Saturday, May 30, 2009

Intrigue, double dealing, most unlikely conspiracies - but everything is shared with Laffin, WHY???

Re: Draft of Blog part 1

Sent: Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:24 pm
by Photon

Hi Laffin

Arguida also localises to XXXXX, XXXXX (sssssh - don't let it out of the bag)

Yesterday I queried using D1ck Spring in a follow up for blog - are you still in "hold the press" mode??

Hi Laffin

You used that name to attempt registration with Janz's forum - presumably you didn't send them an e-mail saying "oh, btw, I'm LA from 3A's"? In which case, for Janz to link that with you would be by IP (either from stolen database or from a list of IPs - copied somehow - when the mods departed). Undoubtedly Janz has IP addresses of some of us, if not all. Remember (or you may not be aware) the mods weren't all banned at the same time. Sina was banned 2-3 days after Janz. Traveller actually hasn't been banned (nor has Marion) - he and Marion were on the tour when the fall out happened. We waited for Traveller to get back to see which way he'd go. Because of approx 12 hour time difference we didn't know what he got up to when he logged on most of the time - but when someone else was logged on - he was in mods control panel looking at members details or PMing. He was demodded after about 3 weeks.

Not only has Janz shared IPs with Andy - she's also shared them with Hollysmum, who claimed to know Photon's IP when Cyril's was still going (and I registered there as party_girl) - but on that Photon Outed thread, Hollysmum said she had known of my IP since Cyril's days.

So, someone on Janz forum (where Sina is admin) has told Andy that you used D1ck Spring:

a) he could have googled to find out significance of name;

b) Andy's partner's mother's maiden name is ****** (keela edit - a 'Tapas 9 surname') - and she was born in NW. Russell's parents are Irish (Russell born in Wirral) - father did medical training in Dublin and parents must have married there - did a very thorough search for their marriage in UK records and none turned up. People who are Irish born but living in UK might still take an active interest in Irish politics.

Over and out for know - let me know what you think.

Best wishes

Van xx

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  1. The Dick Spring thread was used to deliberately try to out a 3A forum member!