Friday, April 9, 2010

SSS: Government Involvement :)))

carly: i have never understand in the last 2 anda half years we pro maddie have been harrased slandered out and yet we are supposed to take it and not fight back why are those people and the uk goverment so behind gerry and kate???no offence to little maddie but what makes her any diffremt from other mising kids? that dont even get a mention in the media

Angelina: I'm not convinced there is Gvt involvement. If there is then I feel it could be because GB got involved right at the start in an effort to impress the public (thinking in his usual manner that he would save the day and get her found), then it went tits up and he has now tried to play everything down so he won't look stupid. Anything more complicated than that I'm not sure about.

If I'm wrong and there is more to the Gvt involvement, then I have no idea what is being covered up.

As for ordinary pros, I'm sure they do honestly believe the McCanns are innocent and feel sorry for them.

Plus it's a sort of mob mentality and brain-washing (not organised but just by being part of it if you see what I mean). They've got carried away and it's brought out the worst in them (anti's can be just as bad at times).

I think a lot of them have got together (I know for sure there was a big meeting in Wales some months back) and now they've formed a sort of club, but sadly the real little girl in the midde of it all has long been forgotten.

I've noticed on Sky there is a sort of formation that rolls into action at times...the lower ranks come out to fight, then the next level and finally the big's all rehearsed and organised. The same stock answers come out time and time a mantra almost.

Eddie says: OK, this is a new game. If anyone alludes in any way to potential involvement of government, you all shout in unison "GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT!" Got it. :)))


Allstar: To me it seems like the govt want to keep alot quiet as half whats in the files havent been released to the pubic via the media. If someone can come up with an explanation for that then I'll believe the govt arent protecting the Mccanns.


Woodward: morning all-The REASON WHY THE "pros" are so vicious could simply be because they can be-none of us has carter -ruck on a retainer,none of us are able to pick the ,phone up and instruct a tabloid journalist to have a go at someone-they are vituperous ,slanderous and vile because there are no consequences . We on the other hand are ,quite rightly imo, restricted and restrained by the law-gratuitous insults have no place in our arguments our opinions have to be carefully shrouded in disclaimers and tempered by fairness backed up-most importantly by reason-it all makes for a slower more restrained discussion which means the pros can jump in with irrelevances and half truths which then literally make any casual reader lose the thread-that is the intent and it works-the best reference for people iinterested in the case is ,imo, the mccannfiles, I would always recommend it to those who want to learn more of the ever changing story and its chronology

julygilr3120: We will never give up discussing this case, despite attempts to stop us. We will regroup, much to the chagrin of the ex-mods forum, and the press whom they profess to have been in contact with. And the government doesn't scare me either. The present shower are on the way out anyhow. The unelected PM with a name the colour of sh*t is in the last chance saloon.


Patty O'Daws: I could understand the McCanns paying people, but the government? I know Clarrie said it was the function of MMU to control what came out in the media...but to pay people to troll forums?

Would the government really do that?


Stimulator: You are waking up! Yes the government Mi5, and the 'doughnut' brigade (GCHQ) are/have been infiltrating forums and 'subversive' groups online for years! to the 'paranoid shift'....


fred: I'd say pretty close. I don't think Amaral will leave this case alone, even if it takes him years to get the truth out, he is being hindered at every occasion, not just from the parents but, the governemnt and British authorities.


Heartsease: Away with all accusations etc and concentrate on ways we can get the investigation opened. Surely that is what everyone wants after all?
I just want to see justice done in this case. I want the government to put a little girl first and start asking relevant questions.
Whatever happened in PDL needs to be uncovered and the truth told.
To the world you may be just one person,
but to one life you may be the world.



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  2. Can't you tell it's Groundhog Day - again? A slack day on the McCann front so they dig out all the silly conspiracy theories (the government being involved in a struggle for power with the opposition, I don't that they are at all interested in some puerile lunatic ravings on a hate site, do you) - again? Round and round in ever decreasing circles - again. There really is nothing new under the sun is there, when such ridiculous comments like those on MM can be actually posted - again and again and again? Maybe it's those problems with all the moles and trolls, and of course the viruses amber says/denies are infesting her forum that are affecting their brains - again? Well, fellow posters, keep watching the skies - I think something large, brown and very smelly is about to fall on MM and all who sail in it!
    The Djinn

  3. you really have to wonder about people who think Gordon Brown/MMU/GCHQ/MI5/the CIA/NKVD spy on them whilst humorously disguised as a spaniel with glasses and a joke beard....

  4. Where are you Eddie?