Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How They Wanted To Spin It

Ambersuz: I want eddie to make a statement on the main forum saying that she is leaving for personal reasons so we can move on. I dont want for this to be an ongoing fight for her sake so I am giving her the easy way out. This is not going to become a BonnyBraes scenario all over again like it was with the 3A's!

I will leave eddie here until tomorrow and then ban her account. So I hope she makes her excuses on the main forum by then.

eddiemod: I am not LYING and making an announcement that I am leaving - I'll let you decide what you want to say Amber. Why don't you post your 'proof'? Such as it is.

Eddie says: We all now know that eddiemod is innocent but where's the apology. Fair's fair, as they say.


  1. that Amber's got a cheek - why should Eddiemod tell lies about herself just so Amber can "move on".

  2. If I was EddieMod, I'd have told Amber to go fuck herself. What a bloody nerve! Has she been watching too many episodes of The Thich of it? She expected Eddie to slink away so as not to make life difficult for her. Good for Eddie for telling her where to get off.

  3. Amber asked for proof that eddiemod wasn't leaking and said that, if the proof was given, she would apologise, "fair's fair".

    The proof was given but she still won't apologise.

    That represents a complete lack of integrity.

  4. It's how people like amber think: "Let's get the 'problem! to remove itself and I come up smelling of roses." However, it doesn't work like that, the 'problem' turned out to be unbullyable and opened its mouth loud and strong. And many people found amber's weird behaviour unacceptable and let fly on the various blogs and forums. She has a less than good reputation on other forums so, by acting as she did, she got a huge load of doggypoo thrown at her. She deserves all she gets, and I hope more posters realise she is not a nice person.

  5. C'mon Amber, everyone's waiting for your apology. It's not hard, 3 little words...I'm sorry Eddie.

  6. After this length of time, and with proof presented by davidexmod, do we have an apology to eddiemod? No, I thought not. Instead we have more whining about people putting pretendy viruses on MM, despite earlier having admitted she had contacted Forumotion to ask for help re these; they turned her down, she said, so we can assume there's nothing wrong with their servers. I really think she needs to look very close to home for the culprits. She also still owes eddiemod that sincere and humble apology - but what would such an apology really be worth, and if eddiemod were to accept it, would she be able to trust amber in the future? Going by past behaviour from that person, absolutely zero.

  7. eddie the Not moleApril 12, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    Actually Amber can stick her apology.
    I am far, far too good for it.

    She has already told David that she is unhappy at the three of us posting on these that, has enabled her to save face and stick her heels in.

    She is a coward and I am so very glad I got out of that forum, with it's black mould.