Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sherlock, They Don't Know Jack Schitt

In days of old before the eddiemodgate scandal.

Harvemom: We do have a mole who can see the SSS. Or someone has been careless following links, but I dont think there has been any links for a while.

They've copied Lauras comment on this thread in the SSS onto that daft blog something to do with diseased minds:

FSoares: I'm with Harversmom. There's a mole or someone inside is pretending. Now there's no doubt.

Harvesmom: Well i've just been through everyone who's logged on since 2pm, and compared the list to who is in the SSS. But of course it doesnt tell you the members that come in as hidden.

FSoares: That's exactly the problem. I need to go to bed, because tomorrow I have to start at 9am, but during the day, if I don't have to go out, I'll keep an eye as well, though I can't be paying too much attention. It'll be just a small control.

Harvesmom: Well i've added all the people who've been in as hidden in the last 24 hours, and to be honest 90 percent of the members of the SSS have been logged on so it hasnt helped much....

David: I am with you both on this. I think someone has been careless clicking links. BUT because the internet is a logical world we need to cover all aspects i.e. eliminate the possibility of a double agent working for the TWATS as FSoares mentioned on SSS...

I still dont believe there is a mole but still....the only way to stop anyone seeing this section is to take it all down.

Ambersuz: I personally dont care what they see so I'll leave it up to all of you to make the decision if it should stay or go

eddiemod: You can see who's hidden - they are in italics [No schitt.]

FSoares: In my opinion, if the section is kept, everybody needs to remember there's someone from the twats (or linked to them) who is registered on this forum, with access to the SSS. What saddens me is knowing we can't talk openly or post something there more sensitive, because they will get access to it. I personally think there's no point in having the section, if there's no privacy. I know many of you generally say "I don't care if they read". Well, I also don't care if they read, IF what I post are merely my opinions. However, sometimes we have things we could say, but we don't because we know they are reading it and that info cannot reach their hands.
It's quite obvious there's a fake identity on the SSS, probably a cloned account, or a double agent. In the present situation the SSS's existence is a pure falacy.

Ambersuz: OK here's what we should do.....

If all the mods look at the members in the SSS and make a list here of who should be in a new section....I know its easier moving them to the Portugal section but thats not fair as that section was set up just for the Portuguese posters and as thats 100% safe I dont want to rock the boat there.

I'd rather have just a few people in the new section...maybe 15 or 20 and leave it at that.

Obviously all the mods are who else can be trusted and who are you all comfortable with?

FSoares: I have no idea about carlymichelle, except she is a computer game addict and she posts in all forums related to Australian TV. She's been bad mouthed by the Twats & Co, and according to it, my bet would be on someone else, though. However, Carlymichelle can be used by someone (posing as a friend) to get the contents and info from her.

Claudia79: Well, as I'm a Benfica supporter I've been telling lies to myself for quite some time! [No schitt, Liverpool 4 Benfica 1]

eddiemod: Firstly Amber, please don't think we're all in Paranoid City here....I just have instincts, I watch that person and I just 'feel' that person is odd.

Ok secondly, I understand when you say that so what it doesn't matter if there is a mole - I agree. It's just bloody annoying that's all.

Thirdly, if I were a mole on a forum I would be IT smart (smarter than most too) I would already have 3 or 4 ID's (all very different) in case one of them was found out and I would use different email addys, and IP's etc etc

So in a nutshell I will look at the list and tell you what I think, we'll all compare lists and go from there.

Ambersuz: One thing I'd like to say is I will not add Laffin to the list as he gets drunks and sprouts off nonsense......its not that I dont trust him but I just cant be bothered with his rants and me having to clear up his acusations.

Dont get me wrong......I'm the first one to expose people but only those ones who are attacking the forum and I'll only expose with proof....Nessling i believe was at one stage but Deuce I dont have any evidence of.

Picking on anyone because they are friends of, is not going to be allowed in the future as it adds us to their enemy list.

Photon asked me a few weeks back to let Laffin into the Portuguese section and I said NO way! [No schitt, Sherlock]

Claudia79: Marky just made me raise my eyebrows on the SSS.

eddiemod: I agree about Laffin. [No schitt]

Ok here's the list of SS members I have crossed the ones I don't trust or don't know enough:

Maybe everyone else can do the same?

Alpine Aster
Frankie Stein
Laffin Assasin
mara thon
Reggie Dunlop
The Famous Grouse
the one and only big_l

ps Deborah is crazy that's why she's crossed and I don't particularly care for photon but haven't crossed her. [No schitt]

Eddie says: Next episode tomorrow...


  1. they're off their heads. barking mad, every single one of them. they really do all hate each other, what with debs being crazy, chucky being suspected of letting other people use her account...someone, please them that xklamation is joana morais...

  2. They are the stupidest, most brain-dead people I have ever read on any forum. This is just like they were on sky,when anyone they didn't 'know' was a troll. Some of the people named have been on MM since before the 3As idiots arrived. Well, what with the virus/bugs investing MM and the total lack of any braincells between them, I reckon MM's days are numbered. I bet eddie, david & harvesmom are glad they are well out of it all. However, the appearance of various items since they left merely reinforces the view of most sane people that eddiemod was not the troll; that there was some right dodgy goings on 'going on'! I am sure people, like myself, await the next gripping instalment with keen anticipation.
    The Djinn