Friday, April 9, 2010

More Economy With The Truth

carly in an open letter: hi i dont mean this to cause trouble i like this forum lots and ikm not angry at anyone BUT i dont like being lied too i now know why i cant see the private forum because some of you think im sharing log ins etc let me make it clear now in no way do i share my log ins with anyone nor do i allow others to tell me to do anything im only here for maddie and the mssing other children as i said i like this forum but it is not right to lie about the reasons why forums that you were allowed in for months and months you are suddenly not allowed and of all places to read about it at the twats etc is not right IMO im just a forumer wanting the justice for maddie she deserves and that is all i have no problems with anyone on this forum but IMO the truth is better then being lied too most people have known me on forums for 3 years and know im not like this i guess it hurt me that people would be talking behind my back and saying these things about me its like primary school again when kids used to do it to me im sorry but i had to say something unlike what some other think im not stupid and i dont like being treated like it i dont want to argue im not like that

Antoinette replied: Carly no one suspects you of anything. The SSS was closed down to all members except mods as we don't want anything more being printed about any of you or the comments you all have made in those sections.

Eddie says: No that reply is totally untrue. The had a secret section, SSSection, which was infiltrated on several fronts. So they decided to set up a new secret section, The Leisure Centre, deleting all those SSS members they did not trust. Later on, both sections were still infiltrated and they decided to close the SSS to all members except mods. When TLC opened, we had this

Ambersuz: I hate making rules amongst friends but for the sake of our privacy we need to have just a few in place, so here goes:

1. NO links to other forums in this section unless you add some xxxx's within the link so no one can directly click onto it.

2. This forum should not be mentioned outside of this section whatsoever.

Then we have this today:

Antoinette: there was no process of elimination. All members were locked out at the same time. If we were trying to eliminate anyone we would have taken them out one by one not altogether.

Eddie says: Not true, is it? When in a hole, stop digging. Oops, here comes trouble...

Ambersuz: Carly I dont mean to be mean girly but you are getting very paranoid lately and after all the time I spent explaining this via pm's why are you now making this public?

I'll say it again to you here.....

If you keep taking those blogs and forums personal then you have 2 options.....either DONT read them or read them and be upset by have been saying for the last year here that they are liars and here you are believing them?

May I remind everyone that the usergroups are for people I invite in for whatever reasons I choose to create them....if you are in or out then I have my reasons for adding or removing members and those reasons I do NOT have to discuss with every single member of this forum before I make those decisions so if you dont like the forum or the way I run it then feel free to create your own....Simple isnt it?

I cant keep everyone here happy and to be honest I'm past caring as this forum is not providing a service to anyone! This was a friendly forum where everyone was happy to come here and now all I get is bitching or trolls here trying to take the forum down and pretending we have viruses here!

Now I'm not getting paranoid and I would think after all the hard work the mods and myself have put into this forum I would be the first one worried....but I'm not because I wont let the idiots like Majic and his bitch witches get me down like they seem to get you down!

Eddie says: Any reasonable person can see what the truth is here.


  1. liars liars, pants on fire...surely even chucky isn't stupid enough to fall for that?

  2. Indeed Eddie, the truth is self evident no matter how much people attempt to twist it

  3. Oooh, what a lot of porkies !

    Amber, you are not kidding anyone. Everyone can see what a bare-faced liar you are. Anyway, I have it on very good authority that Forumotion are at the end of their tether with you, so it won't be a problem for much longer. *waves bye-bye*

  4. Quoting Amber ''if you dont like the forum or the way I run it then feel free to create your own....Simple isnt it?''

    What is it about people who say ''Simple, isn't it?'' in that smug self-satisfied way, which makes me want to poke them in the eyes with two forked fingers ?

    The fact is, this is not a situation where Amber doesn't know what is going on in her own forum. She knows very well what's going on. She is the architect of it. Lets face it, who is the one who's been covering Laffin's arse? And why?

    Because she's getting off on it. She's like the really nasty girl at school who stands by as her dumbfuck muscle-headed boyfriend kicks the shit out of someone she's taken a dislike to. She's a user, pure and simple. She used Eddiemod, David and Harvesmum, she uses Claudia for her Bitch troll from hell qualities, and she uses Laffin because she gets her jollies from his mindless bullying. And of course, she manages to combine all this with a hefty dollop of professional victimhood. It's never her fault, she puts so much work in, if people don't like it they are free to leave etc.

    Bollocks, Amber. Bollocks to you and the rest of the cast of Fraggle Rock with whom you surround yourself. Bollocks to your bleating, whining self pity. And bollocks to your complete cow-pat of a forum.

  5. (quote) The fact is, this is not a situation where Amber doesn't know what is going on in her own forum. She knows very well what's going on. (quote)
    She knows exactly what is happening; she is very fond of shouting that it is her forum, what she says goes, no-one, not even forumotion will close her down, and she aids and abets all the nastiness - so long as HER forum is safe, she really couldn't give a toss what anyone posts, that's why she has all these 'secret forums' so her members can post all the filth they like about anyone who disagrees with or upsets them. 'There for missing children' - very large bollocks, she's only there to abuse, degrade, villify and generally be obnoxious to anyone who does not agree with her and her gang.
    The Djinn

  6. At some point in the distant future when the dust has settled over the place where the MM forum used to be, when the parasitic Bren has slimed her way into someone else's parlour, and Laffin is signing up for Adult Literacy classes in the psychiatric hospital to which he's committed after being arrested outside Clarence Mitchell's gaff, howling at the moon, then people will ask themselves ''What went wrong?''

    And really the answer is quite simple.

    Bad people are always bad people, no matter which side of the divide they occupy, and regardless of their protestations of ''doing it for Madeleine''

    Sometimes, the most unscrupulous ones are those who feel the need to loudly proclaim how 'good' they are, how much they 'care' . The most evil person I met in my entire life was a roman catholic nun. She was a vicious, bigoted fool. Her day was only complete if she was being verbally abusive or physically violent towards a young child. Her pretence of goodness and holiness was just that. An utter pretence.

    So when forum owners are quick to tell you that they work tirelessly, for no thanks, and constantly bemoan their lot, then always be suspicious.

    A bandwagon went past, and Amber jumped on board. Running MM gave her three things she needs above all else.

    It gave her the opportunity to portray herself as wounded saint. working tirelessly blah blah................Did you never notice that faint whiff of burning martyr which always clung to the place?

    It gave her the opportunity to give full vent to her Machiavellian traits, manipulating her members, fostering a climate of division, where cliques flourished and the loud and vocal routinely attempted to bully the more principled but less strident.

    And above all, it gave her a feeling of power. But a power without responsibility. She wanted to be in charge, but refused to help her moderators with difficult situations, insisting that she had given them the responsibility and she wasn't going to do their job for them. Then completely undermining them by reversing their decisions. Power without responsibility creates despots. And that's what she is.

    So with Amber at the helm, the place was doomed from the start. This inevitable collapse was coded into the DNA of the forum like a ticking timebomb. All it needed was for a few triggers to be activated, and that was it.

    Because that's the problem, you see? It was always going to come to this. It was a forum with Amber at the helm; the rest followed as surely as night follows day.

    It's a shame really. It could have been a good place, but for her. But I'm afraid it does prove one thing. You can't polish a turd.

  7. eddie the NOT moleApril 13, 2010 at 6:27 AM

    I can tell you something now;

    Whenever a new secret section was going to be 'unveiled' we always made lists.

    Antoinette has lied, completely lied, through her teeth to CarlyM.
    What a spineless coward.

    It is only since I have left I now realise why I wasn't wanted: I was not cowardly enough to be a MM moderator.