Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Mods on LA

MCXLIII: We should find a way to lock Laffin for the night too.

Amber: Anyways I told him that if he wanted to come back he had to ensure that he was not to post any violent crap and NOT attack the members....I also told him that if he had any suspects to bring it to the mods to deal with. He agreed and I asked him if he thought the mole was eddie and he said he was sure he had made that clear. I told him in future to stop talking in fricking riddles as it would have saved alot of us all this stress.

FSoares: I've locked the "An apology from me" thread, because now it was slipping again to Laffin's threats and the fact he was allowed back. Oops, this is so crazy, that I've locked it, to avoid a snow ball effect. To be honest, I'm starting to get tired of all these members who can't cope with Laffin.

Claudia79: I'm fed up too. Feel like telling them to grow up.


Claudia79: You should be able to ban him at night and unban him in the morning!

MCXLIII: A ON/OFF switch with remote control

Claudia79: How many times can he repeat the same effing thing???

MCXLIII: As many times a he goes to the pub?

Claudia79: We should send him to rehab!

MsTaken: Laffin says the same thing over and over again therefore he isnt the ideal person to be critical of the bloggers but I doubt anyone can change his attitude.

Amber: He is going to get us more reports. I'm going to tell him to shut the fuck up or he's going to be banned!

This is his last warning!

I've sent him a strong warning...this is his last chance.

Claudia79: Is he really like that all the time or only when he drinks?
Does he ever learn?

Amber: I think he's around my age but even so.....I know he says he's looking out for this forum but we can handle it far more diplomatically than he has proved he can....besides all i need now is to waste more time on those pathetic litigations the trolls send the moment they see Laffin getting violent.


  1. Oops. Can't see that going down too well in Scunny. And didnt they catch the assasin told them to?

  2. Danny's BirdApril 4, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    And I thought I was unpopular!

  3. I'm surprised he doesn't call himself Crying Assassin. When the likes of this lot only half want you on their crap forum, you really are inconsequential in the world.

  4. A riddle: why doesn't Laffin use his thousand quid to buy some friends?


    A thousand wouldn't do it and he doesn't have it anyway.

  5. Oh the irony!

    FSoares complaining about posters who can't cope with Laffin, while a group of moderators discuss their inability to cope with - yes, you got it - Laffin.

    What a bunch of incompetents.

    Pant-wettingly funny, though.

  6. FSoares is scary as hell and a bitch to boot.

  7. What fun watching a load of idiots wrecking their own forum; hey, there amber and co seen any good moles lately? Keep looking, we are here, there and everywhere, digging, burrowing, bringing the juicy bits (and we don't mean wobbly body bits) out into the harsh light of day. Now, where did I put my flashlight >>>>>>

  8. Eddie
    Could you please tell us when this was taken? Thanks

  9. I'm told that these comments were made from 22nd March to 24th March after his unbanning.

  10. shut up claudia79 you are boring me. By the way does 79 depict your age or your hip size in inches?