Friday, April 9, 2010

Sherlock, They Don't Know Jack Schitt 2

Ambersuz: I've started a new section and intend on leaving quite a few out of it until I see who it is so for now try and avoid the SSS and discuss only on the new section (TLC) or Portugal or here..

OK can anyone see it yet?

Harvesmom: I can

eddiemod; Me too

Ambersuz: ok cool so only the mods are in !!

who else?

...I mean 100% all agreed we want them there!

So if at least 2 of us doesnt trust (for instance)...Carly then Carly is out. But it has to be 2 mods who agree.....fair?

Harvesmom: Yes thats fair Amber. The only thing is you've mentioned on the SSS that you are setting up a new section , those that arent invited are going to be moaning like drains about it. Maybe you should say you've changed your mind and you dont care if they can read or something?

Ambersuz: Oh dont worry about that....when people pm me asking where it is...I'll say I bluffed to get the trolls wondering where it is....

[General chit chat...]

eddie mods pulls them into line: We are chatting on Amber's serious thread.

There is a chat thread on the new section

FSoares on "twats": What a bunch of idiots they are, looking like those bully kids at school! Sometimes I think if I had the misfortune to be one of their mothers, I would spank them till they would go to hospital, completely black from the bruises! Gosh, they're so irritating.

Ambersuz: I'm thinking of bringing threads over to the new section so they are stuck with just the ones about the twats....

OUCH just thought..............the Miss World one is there! I dont want them to ever find that...but I think its a bit late. [No schitt, we don't do personal stuff.]

David: Also is TLC a hidden group? [sort of hidden. :) ]

Ambersuz: Yes it is....all the groups are [sort of :) ]

David: Eddie has been very quiet on his/her blog. Who is Eddie? I confuse all their names [Eddie's just this guy, you know.]

Ambersuz: I think Eddie is CrazyTony on Twats....but dont quote me

He's gone quiet cause he's not in the SSS

[Come off it.]



  2. What's the Miss World one? ha ha ha ha

  3. It is I the spy.....speaking to the brainless wonders

  4. Keep them coming, eddiewoof, this is better than any comedy show on TV. As for the statement "He's gone quiet cause he's not in the SSS", WRONG, he's right in there, sitting comfortably in his basket, nice meaty bone to hand, and a fully paid up charged mobile phone, just said 'Hi' to him.
    The Djinn