Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trouble At T'Mill

"No high horse at all. No lecture at all. Read the post - it was not condescending (as from a high horse) nor was it in any way similar to a lecture.

I was simply expressing bafflement at a totally odd post that looked as if it was really a lost pm back to an individual member, who had earlier communicated by email with you, rather than a constructive post. I was expressing the fact that I was unable to understand the post as it seemed to contain references only one other poster might understand. I was not attempting to be rude to you, just making it clear that I was tired and was unable to understand.

As for influence - yes I was a volunteer mod/co-admin on one previous forum. That doesn't give a person a massive amount of influence, you know. The forum owners/admin have the influence and can instantly rid themselves of any mod or co-admin who they no longer want. It was a very time-consuming task. Ask any mod how much time it took to try to keep that forum afloat, especially when on the one hand there were large numbers of posters who had the direct intention of destroying the place and ON THE OTHER HAND THERE WERE POSTERS WHOSE POSTING STYLE WAS OFTEN GUARANTEED TO INFLAME SITUATIONS (either because they were drunk while posting, because they were unable to control their own emotions, or because they were deliberately confrontational).

I did not pull the plug on 3As. I have explained this, as honestly and clearly as I could before, but will repeat it for the benefit of yourself and others who may not have seen that earlier explanation.

At a time when there were only a very small number of largely inexperienced mods and myself around - the leaflets in Rothley affair blew up. I contacted [redacted] without any success whatsoever. He refused to respond - though I know for certain that he was in contact with a former mod of the forum. I had very good advice at the time (later proven absolutely correct) that the content of a large number of posts to that date were liable to be pounced on by certain lawyers (as [redacted] found to his cost (literally)). The moderation team at that point was unable to undertake the work necessary to check and purge the forum. The other co-admin was on holiday. I felt I had no option at all but to close the forum to public view. I explained at the time on the site and in other places what I had done and that I was trying to contact [redacted]. As for pulling the plug - I had no power whatsoever to do that - I had no access to the server or to the facilities to close the forum.

Your insult that I skulked away is also incorrect. One other factor that contributed to my decision to close the forum to public view was that I was booked to go away on holiday (for a month) just a couple of days after I closed it. At that point the 3As which was owned by [redacted] and had one administrator, again [redacted], would have been without any admin or co-admin for a week as my holidays co-incided (sic) with the other co-admin. It would have resulted in a small group of junior mods being responsible for a very busy forum without sufficient powers to be able to deal with problems at a time when such problems were almost inevitable. Therefore I 'parked' the forum. I repeat I did not 'pull the plug'.

As for 'socks'. At the direct request of [redacted] I created one 'sock' which served a testing purpose for him. I also used 2 other 'socks' at a later date. I am afraid my memory does not stretch back far enough to recall how many posts were made, nor have I any method of now checking the facts but I think it was around a dozen - all made with the sole intention of attempting to ensure the safety of the 3As forum - believe it or not.

I stated I had no intention of raising these issues again in the post I made when temporarily (as I thought) closing the 3As forum. Your ill-informed post gave me no option.

And I am not now skulking away - I am going out to enjoy my Sunday breakfast and lunch with friends.

ps - Yes, maybe this post could be described as being from 'on a high horse' but this one was meant to be."


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  2. Guess who.

    "[redacted] I am sorry to say, if someone used the link and they tried to track back unless they had the password of the person who used the link they would not get to see the thread. It would come up with something like you do not have permission to view this forum or words to that effect.

    All they would know is that there is a secret forum.

    I have tried to search google cache for the word shithead (the password) and it does not come up in google cache. Which only leaves one of two options, someone gave that password out or one of the groupies is in here. Remember it might not even be anyone from twats themselves it could be a [redacted] or [redacted]'s member who then passed the info on."

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  5. "If we want to talk "facts" just recall I've got a lot of them what I can recall from when "[redacted]" and his "[redacted]" came out into the open and threaten me, you , IIRC, didn't deal with it to well when it was first pointed out to you.
    Who did you phone up when [redacted] went over to the "[redacted]" ? It may seem a long time ago, but it's only a "small time-frame" in the greater McScamm.
    I don't have a gripe against you "personally" but you do need reminding of things , occationally (sic).

    As I said, weeks ago, I am a TWAT. Not a TWAT_TWIN though. c'est la vie."

  6. "[redacted], yes, I admit I did ring you to warn you that Pat was posting up stuff about you on other blogs and thought it would be best coming from us than you finding it and reading it without being warned, and told you about what she was saying and about sassy account.

    And as for dealing with the "[redacted]" well when he was kicking off back in December/January you know I was not around much due to the fact I had my mother ill and was spending most of the time there and to be honest I was more worried about her than the forum business. If you remember correctly it was around that time that you were contacted by [redacted] about being threatened and it was [redacted] who replied to you after you asked her to pass on a message, which then led to the PM being posted on a pro site and [redacted] having a hissy fit. I could only deal with so many things with the little time I was online. And the night you were sending abusive PM's to each other I did step in and told you both to stop it or else, because I could see six of one and half a dozen of the other.

    Sorry [redacted] but if people they are going to go head to head in arguments with people and sling insults and abuse at each other and then expect me to take step in and take sides, it is not going to happen. If I see situations where each person is as bad as the other then I will take the attitude it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. I run a forum and surely everyone should be adult enough to conduct themselves in a controlled non-abusive manner and if they can not then as far as I am concerned they should log off and head for the nearest playground."

  7. "Wasn't the MM Bonnybraes1 password posted on here last week? That is how someone got access to that account. That's how we know there is a mole isn't it?"


    "Yes it was [redacted] - and that is the simplest explanation IMHO. Hacking into the forum database (on forumotion servers) isn't an option - again IMHO. I'm nowhere near tecchie enough to know if there are other methods of acquiring passwords - for those who are determined enough."

  8. Hahahahahahaha!

    That's how we know there is a mole isn't it?"

    What? Only one? I don't think so.....hahahaha

  9. The forkers have got a thread about it here:

    Looks to me like there is plenty of leaks on Eddie's latest comments.

  10. Pity the maid had to clean those sheets for a month. Hope he went to Portugal!