Monday, February 8, 2010

Non E Piu (It Is No More)

The mind of a pitchforker at work.

"Please don't take offence [redacted], but this stems from people wanting the likes of the 3a's (sic) forum off the internet. Underhand tactics were being played by people and instead of the usual pro v anti it turned sinister and started to make anti turn on anti and this was being done via lies and deceit.
I know 3a's (sic) is dead and gone but I think we really need to get to the bottom of who was playing all the games because even thought they succeeded with 3a's (sic) it has been a tried and tested measure and it will not be long before they start here. That I am certain of. Already they tried to cause [redacted] problems by faking a PM and making out she was sending it to some mods and not others.

Sorry to say this is just not trolls at work, this is someone who in my opinion is paid to cause all these problems for forums that are discussing the case. Now the only way of really beating them is to expose them and show them up for what they are, deniers of justice."


  1. Laurie, that would be "logged". Us toads can see you you know.