Friday, February 26, 2010

Ratting On Each Other

"Is this [redacted]'s office address? How did they get that?"


"The only person who knows that is [redacted, cough] as he sent the booklets office is not in any way connected to my name so you wont (sic) find the company online unless you know the name of it....try googling my name and if you find a connection to my office then I'll eat my hat!"

Someone else was outed too, country roads, nudge nudge wink wink.


  1. Salmon for you Eddie after venturing into nasty places.

  2. Its like the house of Flying Daggers in there.

  3. Yes, there is a large anti-Bentit faction but they are not all what they seem and, basically, leak like a sieve.

  4. Oh good, more please Eddie!!

  5. There is some consternation over there why we use "sic" and "redacted".

    "Sic" is used to show that quoted grammatical errors are those of the person being quoted, not those of ourselves. For example, one often sees the word "3A's" instead of the correct 3As. We would thus put "3A's (sic)".

    We may make errors ourselves but they would normally be typographical but, on occasions, due to ignorance. :)

    We usually prefer not to quote names and personal information and so we redact it, i.e. edit, remove or revise it to make it suitable for publication.

    I thank you.

  6. I forgot to say that if someone said:

    "[redacted] done good."

    instead of

    "[redacted] did well."

    We'd put

    "[redacted] done (sic) good (sic)."


  7. Ohmygod, neverinmylife, whats he done that sick fing for? is he sayin we done sick fings?