Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone is Getting Touchy

...and swings into action.

"[redacted] playing games and posting cryptic messages - nothing new - but his methodology is flawed when he has to be tipped off.

Perhaps we should all do as [redacted] admits he does and simply play forum games.

It isn't what I came to the forums for though. I suspect lots of people have just allowed themselves to be dragged into the nastiness. Well good luck to the lot of them. They are beneath contempt.

Email and chat with who you like [redacted] and play whatever games you like - enjoy it all and talk whatever gibberish you want.

I will restrict my reading now to serious posters who are not deliberately playing sick games on the memory of a small child, whose motives are not self and ego and vindictiveness, who are not hypocritical by nature and whose interest is the actual case.

Once again you have repeated a question which I have already answered. You did that last night as well. To repeat - I don't intend to stoop as low as those who post up private details everywhere.

First time I have blocked a poster on any forum but consider it done as soon as I find the place to do it. I am fed up with your cryptic comments and game playing and inability to read the answers that you are given.

If this post sees me banned from this forum then so be it."

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