Saturday, February 13, 2010


"This has got way out of hand now, there is no alternative but to shut these forums down and just give up on this case. There is a whole lot of truth out there that people do not know and unless we go down to their level it will never be known.

I can't sit back and watch [redacted] and [redacted] be destroyed like this and neither can I see other mods threatened that their lives will be exposed by associating themselves with me.

I wish [redacted] all the best, and thanks for allowing me to post here. If you could delete my account [redacted] then perhaps they will lay off you a bit."


"This is a very, very sad day. [redacted] has taken a huge amout (sic) of shit for being Admin of 3As (the original) and now Headlines and the New 3As. Despite all of that she has put a phenomenal amount of work into keeping the forums running not to mention dealing with the fall out of the two separate Mod exoduses, and the anxiety and stress surrounding the [redacted] debacle and the later 'open back door' which led to the theft of the database backup files. She didn't deserve a millionth of what was handed out to her. [The opposition] have greater manpower - and the core of them came prepared. They knew the rules of engagement - we didn't. It's very considerate of [redacted] to think of her mods/friends - I very grateful for that (and for lots of other things too).

But - the opposition are not going to give up just because you've gone [redacted]."

She's gone, she's back, she's gone, she's back...

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  1. oh the drama. Shes like a stuck record.