Sunday, August 16, 2009

People get sacked for chatting about what goes on at the office

Funny thing, how the boss so often takes the view what happens at the office stays at the office.

Funny thing, too, the news cycle and the summer doldrums, and how the red tops will run with any angle on a story, just to fill the void. But those in journalism don't need me to remind them of that.

Scotbot and The Academic:

Well KGMC made a big deal about going up to rothley, i forget what the occasion was, i think it was just before last christmas.

she was "they want me to go" & "i think I am going" & "yes I am going" & "I am going now".

the next day m****** was the only person in rothley, she was on at about 7am and looked freezing bless her. I know she is only a fairly junior journo but it only takes one to think "oh hang on a mo".

I also know she works with I** S**** and they used to speak at work. i liked ian spleen but it would take quite a youthful journo to make smalltalk with that nutter i reckon.

Did you ever find out who KGMC2007 was?

I always thought it was M******* S*******.

Well not always but after having an educated guess


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  1. What happened to truth'm-lud, ex cop Ian ?

    Who is Ian Spleen, an anorack ?