Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Serious Matter

Ambersuz wrote:

"eds, if Bren's jealous of this forum why on earth did she give me all the information on the past 3A members to compare to the members here? How do you think I know who the trolls are? It isn't through my instincts!!"

That's right, the admin of one forum took personal details of her members and gave them to the admin of another forum.

I need to add no more.


  1. OMG are you serious??????

    That is GOLD Eddie. I wonder how the past and current members will feel about that?

  2. Just ask eddiemod if it's true.

    Then again, don't bother. We only tell the truth on here.

  3. They are history, the pair of them. Absolutely astonishing admission

  4. Oh dear, oh dear, Ambermanagement has dropped herself and bretendy in it. Good. The passing of information, swapping notes etc apart from being reprehensible could well be illegal.

    I do wonder if anyone will challenge the outrageous behaviour. Somehow doubt it, heads stuck where the sun doesn't shine, still.

  5. The problem is that there are at least three moles I know of, sitting there, very quietly harvesting all kinds of information. At least two have been there for over a year; so much for the boast they can recognise a poster is a mole immediately.

  6. Just to reiterate, it is a serious matter that one admin has passed personal details, "all information" no less, to another admin of another forum and a bombshell indeed as someone commented.

    It makes both their positions untenable and their members should be made aware of this breach.

  7. A drama queen writes: "Thugs has clearly lost the plot. He is seeing chimps and trolls everywhere and admin are allowing him challenge genuine posters. Tell me ,has anybody ever known of anybody who has gone on a forum to challenge him...because I don't. Anyway, his behaviour is driving decent posters away. That is exactly what happened on 3A."

    Decent posters no longer discuss the guilt of the McCanns. It is the equivalent of discussing whether or not the earth is flat.

    Thug is kept around for entertainment value. If the Antioso didn't have him stirring the pot, life would become as dull on line as off. They need Thug. He keeps alive the drama they claim to so deplore. Without Thug, they are nothing. With him, they are just next to it. No Thug would mean they'd have to do normal things like get outdoors, move the bin from the front garden, seek employment, report to their case manager, bathe...