Friday, March 26, 2010

Case study- 3As hasbeens, googlestalking and YOU

A poster with the nickname Housebythesea took rightful umbrage to an unprompted attack by Laffin Assasin on MM.
Apparently Laffin did not like the poster's avatar.

MM moderator Antoinette decided to apologise.
Now witness how the 3As gang use the flimsiest of excuses to google stalk a poster:


I feel bad for HBTS though. She didn't do anything wrong and is getting dragged into this. I'm going to post an explanation to her on the
thread to explain.

Good idea....Woof!!


Just one thought - I wonder what HBTS actually googled to find that avatar? It certainly was not 'house by the sea'.

Enter Hercule Poirot.


No I have been through 50 pages of google pictures .

Only 50?


And there's a little of arrogance on her last post. I can understand her reasons, but it's up to her to say or to leave. I'm too tired to type today and answer her, but she doesn't need to lecture anyone now.

Add a dash of character assassination.......


maybe downloaded from a camera/phone and uploaded from the pc. wouldn't be unheard of would it?

Sounds reasonable. Back on track......


But that's not how they said they acquired it Marky - they said it was randomly chosen from a google search. on Studies site. Obviously, only mods can vouch for this accuracy of this quote. But, if it's accurate, I would say that HBTS is lying (again) imho.

Oh Dear. Poster says they randomly chose the image from google. 3As hasbeens cannot find said image in google therefore poster is evil.

I don't quite understand...what is the relevance of that picture? Is it someone's house on here?

Good Question.


It seems to be relevant to Laffin, if you read the PM exchange that HBTS forwarded to the mods (posted on Diseased Subjects blog).

"It seems to be relevant to Laffin"
There you have it!


Laffin Assasin made a veiled threat to another person's children on an alleged missing children's forum and was banned by Eddiemod.
Laffin Assasin also threatened another poster(HBTS) because he was suspicious of the poster's avatar.(I'm not kidding, dogs don't lie and that.)

What was the result?
Eddiemod was banned (and just to be crystal clear, Eddiemod has never given information to this blog.)
Laffin Assasin was reinstated on the forum.
HBTS resigned and was subsequently googlestalked by the 3As hasbeens because they could not locate the image in google.


  1. Eddie, that post is absolutely perfect. That proves exactly how their warped minds work.

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh dear me. How terribly unwise of them.

  3. 50 pages of google stalking to find someone's avatar? And as for slumdog denying it could simply have been a random picture, egged on by Marky. The whole lot of them should have their net connection severed - or their putrid, hate filled heads.

  4. I notice how Marky keeps chipping in. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing if ever I saw one. Or, to put it another way - agent provocateur.

    I suspect he wanted to strengthen the Bren-Amber alliance, eddie & co were getting in the way of that and so had to be set up, hung, drawn and quartered.

    Then they bring in Roman Numeral man, the Portuguese techie who cracked the database for the PJ employee.

    Curious and curiouser.

  5. Spot on Eddie, what was HBTS's crime, she simply had the misfortune to come across that drop kick's radar, he who must be protected at all costs and who is it doing the protecting once again?? The 3a's Hasbeens.

  6. I see Amber is now complaining about the hacking of some accounts on her forum, describing the actions of those involved as 'Sick'

    How then would she describe the actions of members of her forum closeted away in one of their secret little hovels indulging in a bit of organised cyber-stalking of someone who's crime seems to have been to complain about the forum bully ?

    I think that's pretty sick, actually. Possibly even criminal.

  7. What these idiots don't seem to realize is that what they are doing is stalking. Makes no difference that it's online. If the person concerned felt threatened enough to go to the police, there are laws to protect them.

  8. "That proves exactly how their warped minds work."

    I disagree that is evidence of minds at work.

  9. FSoares:

    And there's a little of arrogance on her last post

    she's used to innocent people grovelling when her mates in the PJ are giving them a hiding.

  10. Bren Googled 50 pages? Muratfan found the Avatar Picture after two pages.

    Bren lying again, and just to protect Laffin.

  11. He must be at home on a mental disability, mad or retarded.