Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disquiet In The SSS As Reason Starts to Surface To Realise Eddiemod Is Innocent

Marky: this section safe yet?

(Eddie: Depends what you mean by safe.)

Marky: i realised that a little ways back. so if there's a mole in the mods section, it's one of you guys. as for who it is that's passed out info from this section...

personally, i've never been comfortable with those who choose to hide their online status.

Antoinette: so if it's one of the mods that are left why hasn't there been any more leaks from the mods section.

(Eddie: We choose not to play your game.)

The Famous Grouse replies to Antoinette: So we will all think it was Eddie[mod]?

(Eddie: No, we don't want you to think that.)

FSoares: Are you all implying it was any of the other Mods then?

TFG: I am not implying anything, or accusing anyone. I just feel that although Eddie[mod] has left, and there are no more apparent leaks, it doesn't actually prove that it was Eddie[mod]. If I were a mole, and I wanted to deflect the blame onto somebody else, that's how I would have done it.

(Eddie: The first sentence is correct but the second isn't.)

Marky: they say it wasn't eddie[mod] and the mole is still in place. you say no leaks since eddie[mod] went. if the latter then no problem and it's all now just a windup to get the forum to turn on itself. just ignore it

(Eddie: It wasn't eddiemod. How many more times?)

Antoinette: Who is the blame being deflected on???
From what I can see I'm the one being blamed for posting the link. It has been proven that by clicking on these links that you cannot get into the mods section. So that theory didn't work.

Marky: there's someone moling in this section, there's no doubt of that.

(Eddie: OK, Sherlock.)

Angelina: How do you know?

I don't read any other forum (I seem to be banned from them all, don't know why) so I can't read anything.

Are you in the mod section?

Marky: the debate about hbts's avatar which was played out, i believe, in this section, has appeared post for post, on the deseased minds blog. i know. i read it, even got a credit. so was our little err, fun and games last friday afternoon when antoinette set me up to be a stripper; still owe you for that one corky!

(Eddie: for those of you in the SSS but not in the uber secret TLC, ask yourselves why not.)


  1. Thanks Eddie. No doubt about it, Eddie mod was innocent. Susan should apologise as she was wrong and fabricated the story to have Eddie pushed out.

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  3. Good dog eddie, don't play their game, let them bury themselves further. Woof!

  4. Great stuff Eddie. You make my day.

  5. Hey, Bren, how's that fight for justice going?

  6. Clean-up crew to the SSSSSSSS! there's blood all over the place!!!!!!!

  7. @Angelina, that is sooooo not true!!

  8. Hark at Angelina, she posts all over the shop.

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  10. TLC means The Leisure Centre but it has been restyled as The Loony Cage.

    Ah well, there's always a full moon at Easter time. It was on March 30th this year.

  11. I have no idea who the mole could be, but it looks suspiciously like that marky is playing one helluva deflecting game.

  12. Anonymous said...
    I have no idea who the mole could be, but it looks suspiciously like that marky is playing one helluva deflecting game.

    you can always fool a fool

  13. A deprived paranoia publicizes the elitist. See see, get it?