Monday, January 25, 2010

It's All A Big Conspiracy Apparently

"There's so many of them, on at all times of day and night (or rather there were,'til recent bannings (sic) ). I really do believe the majority of them are paid to do it (though some will always do it free as a labour of hate).

It wouldn't suprise (sic) me if either the McCanns or the MMU [Ed: government??] were involved. After all the fund accounts did show an amount spent on a 'poster' campaign, which could possibly be construed in a number of ways. And some disruptions of particular threads have always appeared (to me) to have an orchestrated air about them, in order to try and kill certain thread, there are sometimes patterns, if you look carefully, imo.

There are also, though, those who disrupt purely from mischief and malice and a misplaced sense of 'loyalty' and intellectual superiority."

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  1. Er...we ARE intelectually superior!