Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Cunning Plan

"Best way to beat them is imo going underground. I know everyone wants to get the word out but sometimes google can be your enemy as well as your friend. If I was in Debbie and Tony's shoes now, I would completely do a 180 and offer to work alongside the McCann's in order to get the case re-opened and to get Leicester Police active on the case, something we all know the McCann's do not want. And I would definitely bypass Clarence Mitchell in all of this, I know it would cost a bit, but to take an ad out in the British Tabloids and to do a statement and pay for it's print might be away of forcing the McCann's hand. Just imagine what the public's reaction would be if they declined such help. You know thinking about this Tony and Debbie could spin this better than Clarence Mitchell ever could, might mean having to eat humble pie a bit, but with the right phrases and objections, it could put Team McCann in a right old spin, especially if it was printed in every tabloid."

Daft or what?


  1. What an absolute fool that woman is, self important, spiteful minded and more importantly, thick as a flaming brick.

  2. Not sure that 'daft' really does it justice.

    It is a masterpiece of demented stupidity.