Thursday, October 29, 2009

Diseased Minds

In this study we will be researching the diseased and hate addled minds of the website.
A website dedicated to trashing the parents of a missing child.
The mods and admin have promised their members privacy but readily give out information on anyone who is seen as a threat to the official line. And if that doesn't interest you, the backstabbing is excellent, bested only by some of the very interesting adventures enjoyed by various and sundry on other sites. How the worm turns!


  1. Is that from slummy Val. And is MsM Miss Marbles?

    Why is she talking to Laffin about IP addresses- are they being given out like sweets?

  2. Only to the favoured kiddies.
    Bad kiddies don't get sweets, they get a crack round the ear and sent to bed early.
    But this kiddie is special. He gets all Photon's humbugs.

  3. Who's side is she on? What is going on here?

  4. I am telling bjr about this immediately so she can take action.

  5. Are you serious?

    This was all carried on under Bren's beady eye!

  6. Wow. I've read the entire site now and am shocked at the goings-on with the private messages.

    Can't say I approve of them being hacked and displayed on this site but it does go to show what mind-boggling deceptions is going on over there.

    I haven't seen my username mentioned here at all thank goodness so will now have to seriously consider whether to delete my account there or go back to lurking.

    My own account was hacked and the password changed so I do know that stuff goes on there from the inside, but I didn't realise it was on such a scale.

    Poor Maddy, what real chance has she got of the truth being discovered. It's all turned out so very horrible.

    It would seem that the bottom line is that no one can be trusted on any of these sites and that's a real shame for Maddy.

  7. Woah! Hold on there.

    There was no hacking involved.

    Someone left the door open on the site and left the entire site open to the world.
    You may not approve of this but I think it's only fair to inform people that, by being members of the site can have their backgrounds checked, port scanned, defamed, outed have their details passed on to others, lied to and be subject to apathetic security.

    I don't see how any of that serves justice for anyone. The difference here is that we are not making this up. If you expect the 3As to come clean then the information here will surely cast doubt on that expectation.

  8. Well, someone is NOT understanding something here: anyone has the right to join a forum regardless of profession, place of work, etc. Anyone can join a forum and no law was broken by any member.
    The only law that was broken was the hacking done that can be a subject of legal action, as you may know so well.

  9. How many times does a dog have to bark? There was NO hacking.
    And of course anyone could join. Eddie just finds it very curious indeed that serving members of the PJ saw fit to do so.

  10. The Site's database wasn't hacked....the door is lying wide open for all to see.

  11. can you post the dates along with the private messages otherwise one looses track of the story.

  12. Eddie. Have you any info on Happygirl?


  13. Why does no one talk about Claudia79 or Viv?
    They are extremely nasty 3A's posters and they also run their own blogs. I have never seen on the 3A's stuff as bad as what I have read on Viv's site justiceformaddie.blogspot. The woman is openly calling Gerry McCann of bein a paedophile and the McCanns of selling their daughter. It is awful. I would really want to see this woman exposed. Claudia79 is a right wing fascist who displays very stalkerish behaviour towards the McCanns.
    In my opinion these two criminals are far worse than most of the people exposed here.

  14. Eddie agrees they are awful, but sometimes the awful ones are also smart enough to wipe their inboxes.

  15. While I really admire your efforts in stopping people like Bren, Tony and Debbie and sites such as the 3A's. I still think that there are a lot of hate sites that are not being stopped. Some of them are sickening beyond belief and the people who run them are IMO dangerous. Please carry on exposing Bennett et al, but people who run blogs like this one...

    ...need to be stopped and exposed too.